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Wow! What happened? I feel as though I was caught up in a whirlwind. A whirlwind of activities for Christmas, New Year celebrations, my birthday, Martin Luther King celebration and concert and all the other stuff in between. Every day, it seemed, there was something exciting to do, something fantastic. Good times happening yeah! But then, WHAM, I get sick. The flat on my back, can’t think, or do anything of any significance other than be sick. Today, however, I’m finally, FINALLY coming out of it and starting to feel more myself. WHEW! what a way to start the new year. But it’s all good really. I’m still in the land of the living with things to do, places to go, people to meet. Continue reading Swoooooosh…..

The Evolution of Marsha


Blog, Blag? A Bloggah? When it was first suggested I write a blog I immediately dismissed the idea as ridiculous, insane, pointless. My emotions were all over the place. Fear slowly drifted into the why nots, then all of a sudden the idea seemed intriguing. Who me, write a blog? Why not! Ok, I’m gonna be a blogger. Well, that lasted all of 30 seconds because the fear set in. The voice of resistance took over my enthusiasm and started telling me all the reasons I should not open that door. Continue reading The Evolution of Marsha

Overwhelmed? Too Much To Do?

Feeling-overwhelmedWhat do you do when there so much to do, there’s so much going on, and you haven’t even put a dent in your to-do list? You’re maintaining your composure but you’re starting to feel overwhelm overcoming you. Everything that’s going on is good stuff! Your prayers are being answered. You’ve waited and worked a long time for some of these situations to manifest, and now they are – but all at once, it seems! Continue reading Overwhelmed? Too Much To Do?

Stop! I’ve Had Enough!

Stop-the-world-imageEver want to stop the world and get off for a day or so? Sometimes I do. Our world’s current situation is one of great sadness. Killings, hatred, wars, threats of wars, beheadings, riots, looting, suicides, illness, it’s enough to make me want to step off for a time. But, I am part of this world like it or not. We’re killing each other, killing ourselves, and killing Mother Earth. Enough already! Continue reading Stop! I’ve Had Enough!

Bully? WHO ME?


Have you ever been mean to somebody? Intentionally? I have, as a matter of fact, not too long ago. And it was someone I cared about but didn’t know very well. I knew what I was doing and wanted desperately to stop but I didn’t. I couldn’t. The desire to lash out took over time and time again. It was embarrassing.

I was being a bully. I admit it; I did that, at my age.
Continue reading Bully? WHO ME?

Leaving a Legacy


For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be extra special, to stand out in a crowd, to be noticed. I wanted to be written about in history books and remembered for something colossal like discovering a country or inventing some do-dad so important everyone would know my name. I wanted to leave a massive legacy.

I often wondered where this desire came from. Was it because I did not feel I was already important or special or unique? I’d sit for hours thinking up things I could invent only to find everything had already been invented. Not really, but in my young mind I thought so. Continue reading Leaving a Legacy

A Return to What I Love


Hello everyone! Well, I’m back. Back… posting on my blog that is. I took a bit of a respite accidentally on purpose. Why did I leave? Great question! It wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to say. It wasn’t because I don’t like to write. I’m not sure I can answer the question. It just happened. I stopped posting my writings one day and that one day turned into many.

I really enjoyed writing and posting to the blog. I equally enjoyed the comments from people. Some people gave their kudos, some asked questions. It was clear a couple of people did not know what all the fuss was about blogging. They didn’t know the meaning of blogging, what a blog is used for or why people bothered to post blogs. “Why would you put your business in the street?” Continue reading A Return to What I Love

Outside My Comfort Zone


The last few months have been very enlightening indeed. Starting a new business can be fun, exhilarating, exciting, and accomplished. That’s the bright side. The other side is daunting, overwhelming, frustrating and maddening. Each day I would fluctuate between several of these emotions plus others not named.

There were times I found I lost the inspiration and motivation I needed to move forward. I finally realized I’m operating outside my comfort zone. It’s not suppose to be comfortable. I was being stretched. Now is certainly not the time to quit. I’ve come close believe me! But there is a Force greater than me operating in my life that puts the right people in my life at the time I need them. They help me to keep pushing through the dark times, stumbling though it may be. I will not quit. That’s my resolution. Continue reading Outside My Comfort Zone

Spring into Action


Spring is in the air! Birds are singing and flowers blooming. Spring reminds me of love, green grass and beautiful gardens.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I promised myself to do better. There are no excuses. I often thought to sit down and write, nearly every day as matter of fact. I could say procrastination played a part. Maybe it did a little bit but certainly not for the whole month or more. There were probably a few contributing factors. Continue reading Spring into Action

A Rising Star


In order to be promoted to the next level of living there must be a pruning, a change, if you will, in one’s life. You cannot remain in the same space and grow at the same time. I don’t mean physically necessarily but emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. The pruning that takes place could involve a relationship or two or six, a job or other unnecessary things.

The most beautiful gardens are weeded and pruned on occasion. Thegardener knows that weeds will choke the life out of the beauty that liestherein. She also knows that without pruning there will be excess foliage andovercrowding. In order to be healthy and whole the plant life will need trimming to cut away the unneeded in order to grow to a full and vibrant heliotrope garden. Continue reading A Rising Star