Meet Marsha
As a visionary life coach, Marsha Sherrill has reinvented the traditional coaching wheel with her experiences and expertise to create a safe haven for people to grow and develop in ways previously thought to be unimaginable. Her life improvement platform is built upon a 3-pronged foundation that teaches others how to creatively envision, embrace and ignite their lives. These invaluable insights make Marsha’s training a cut above her counterparts and equips individuals to claim the life they’ve always wanted to lead. Marsha is no stranger to her own foundation; this has been the driving force of her life’s passion.



Marsha has spent years dreaming and teaching others how to dream. Being keenly aware that envisioning is the first step to reaching a new level of life success, she is committed to this vital part of the development process. Each client has different challenges, talents and dreams. Through active listening, life experiences and intuitive guidance, Marsha leads her clients through specific step-by-step strategic processes. These processes are designed to help her clients determine and create their life vision, establish goals and achieve a personal and professional life that is fulfilling, inspired and successful.


Marsha provides motivation to embrace dreams for those who have struggled to break past their limits. Her career experience proves that this has been her personal commitment. For more than 20 years, Marsha successfully led and managed print and digital advertising sales, customer service and operations teams for two highly respected major media corporations. As a consultant Marsha has provided coaching for valuable team members who needed more in order to maximize potential and meet new levels of success.


Marsha will ignite the dormant places of your life and give you renewed vigor to press forward. Her processes and strategies will change the way you view your circumstances and potential. Your aspirations are important to her and she wants to develop them in ways you never thought possible. Imagine maximizing your abilities, fulfilling your goals and conquering your mountains. This is a dream that can be realized with Marsha on your side. If you want to live life with intention, authenticity, passion, power and purpose, Marsha can help lead the way.